Edition #4 The Brief: Why not Profit? (DRAFT VERSION)

We break down our thoughts on interviews conducted with Duncan Mackenzie of Bad at Sports and Marc Fisher of Temporary Services. Hear longer clips from their interviews in the most recent Process Edition.

Learn more about Bad at Sports: http://badatsports.com/

Learn more about Temporary Services: http://www.temporaryservices.org/

We're pretty critical of the interviews, but only because we love these projects and they are models we're interested in drawing from! 

Edition #1 The Brief: "Creative Work"

Listen to the full interviews in The Process, and learn more about the organizations we discuss on their websites:

Cultural Reproducers  http://www.culturalreproducers.org/

Chicago Artist Partnerships in Education http://capechicago.org/  

Also check out this blog post written by Scott Sikkema to learn more about his thoughts on artists as critical researchers and role- shifters: http://capechicago.org/blog/the-cape-artist-researcher/