The Process and The Brief is a podcast created by the artists Paige Landesberg and Danny Shapiro with technical help from our gardener, Will Krauland. We're doing research, trying to understand creative work and getting weird in podcast form. We record two separate but equal parts:

The Process Edition, and The Brief Edition.


The Process Edition is an ongoing archive of our research for creating The Brief. Throughout The Process we record unabridged conversations, research sessions, and interviews with guests.

Basically, we do what we would normally do to create a well- edited, concise podcast, and share the nitty- gritty details through our Process records. As an attempt to demystify our creative process, we want to give listeners access to The Process of how the final thing- The Brief, comes to life.

The Brief Edition is a short, edited podcast based on what we gathered from interviews, research and revisions from The Process. We will present concise themes and ideas that we hashed out live during the process. The topics will range widely, but all relate back to what it means to make creative work. We'll be releasing The Brief on the 1st of every month. 

Contact us directly with questions & comments at


About the artists.

Danny Shapiro does some sound editing and doesn't talk much besides when Paige presents an opportunity to argue. Will also enjoys tag teaming in 2 vs. 1 verbal combat against Paige. Danny likes learning how to do stuff, and snacking on the go, usually at the same time. 

Paige Landesberg is generally confused, enraged and enlightened about most things. She likes to assign reading and other recreational homework to Danny and sometimes Will if he's lucky. She is sometimes a sculptor and sometimes makes books depending on the day. She is a living to-do list and a veg-friendly food pusher. 

Will Krauland is just here to make Danny proud.